As arborists it is our job to take care of trees. The goal is to provide a high quality service for the client, keeping in mind the necessities for a healthy tree and diverse ecosystem. 

Services we provide

Planting: If you are thinking of adding a tree to your estate it might be wise to consider the legal and (future) surrounding restrictions. Feel free to ask us for advice. If desired we can even order and plant the tree for you.

Visual tree assessment: The VTA method is an internationally spread and acknowledgment method for tree inspection, hazard symptoms are construed, defects are confirmed and measured and criteria of failure are assessed. VTA helps to distinguish apparent hazardous trees from those that are really hazardous.

Mulching: By dispersing quality wood chippings around the tree the composition of the surrounding soil is positively altered to provide the tree with a more fertile (humus) and aerated dirt.

Bracing: This method is used to add structurally sound elements to prevent future damage to the surroundings of the tree. This is most often done with specific types of rope, or in rare instances steel cable. Bracing is always preceded by a visual inspection.

Tree protection: If your tree needs protection from animals or children we are able to provide different options, depending on the specific surrounding factors.

Dead branch removal: For safety reasons it might be necessary to remove the dead branches in a tree. This can easily be done in combination with pruning.

Pruning: When necessary it is possible to slightly reduce the size of a tree to suit the wishes of the owner. To prevent sanitary or structural decay a height-wise reduction, however, will (almost) never be performed.

Felling: A last resort, when trees are getting dangerous to be around due to a loss of structural integrity. Felling a tree in a restrained (urban) area is mostly done using controlled rigging techniques, lowering smaller pieces at a time.

Stump removal: When there is nothing left of your tree but a stump, you might want to do something with that newly acquired space. It is possible to remove the stump using a stump grinder.

Rescues: Did your drone or your cat get stuck in a tree? We’ll gladly retrieve them for you.

Feel free to contact us to get a price range for the desired works.